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Frequently Asked Questions About Telehealth

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  1. Can I still see my doctor in the office?


Yes. We are still available to see you at our Grissom or Dugas locations during our regular business hours.


In order to protect our community, our patients, and our dedicated staff, we are seeing patients at our office locations on a limited basis. The determination of being seen via telemedicine or in the office depends on multiple factors and is made on a case-by-case basis. Rest assured, all of our clinicians are available to see you via our telemedicine service.


  1. Does my insurance cover telemedicine?


Telemedicine visits are covered by nearly all major medical insurances including Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans. Depending on your plan, you may be billed a copay, just as though you were seeing your provider in a traditional office setting. There is no additional cost associated with a telemedicine visit.


  1. Can I be seen for any reason in a telemedicine visit?


A telemedicine visit can be used for simple things such as coughs and colds, or for more complicated things such as helping manage diabetes or heart disease.


Most types of health screenings can also be scheduled as a telemedicine visit. If further testing such as blood work or consultations is necessary, a referral and instructions will be provided.



  1. Do I need special equipment for a telemedicine visit?


To take advantage of our telemedicine service you can use any electronic device that has a camera, microphone, and can access the Internet. This can be done via a smart phone, tablet, laptop, or computer by accessing a link that will be provided to you before your visit.


  1. How can I prepare for my telemedicine visit?


To get the most out of your telemedicine experience, it is recommended that you gather some information that may help our staff and clinicians provide the best care possible. This may include:


A current list of medications you are taking, even if the provider you are seeing did not prescribe them.


Your most current height, weight, and other vital signs that may be pertinent such as your temperature or blood pressure.


Any logs you may be keeping to track important markers of health such as blood sugar or blood pressure.


  1. Can I be seen as a new patient in a telemedicine visit?


Due to the extraordinary circumstances created by the current Covid-19 pandemic, regulatory agencies have approved new patients to be seen via telemedicine visits.

Christian Zarnke Christian is the Practice Administrator at Family Medical Home.

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